Hanoi city or Ho Chi Minh city?

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Many tourists asked me this question when they had intention to go Vietnam. Hanoi city and Ho Chi Minh city have its own beauty and attractive points. 1. Hanoi city Ho Chi Minh might be the economics center, but Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. Literally, Hanoi has politics head offices and a long history […]


Is Hanoi just a dirty old city?

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My hometown is Halong city, a very beautiful coastal city with modern facilities. The first time I went to Hanoi, I wanted to escape immediately from a cramped dirty old city When I was a tour guide, I led some tours included many foreigners who came to Hanoi the first time. I couldn’t forget their […]


Sapa cuisine

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Sapa Vietnam – Location and Weather Cuisine in Sapa will amaze you with its diversity and speciality. It is obvious that many different races with their unique cultivation shape a stunning taste for its cookery. Compared with general Vietnamese food, Sapa food is much more special with local herbs that you can’t find anywhere The best […]


Sapa Vietnam – Location and Weather

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Almost foreigner came to Vietnam heard about Sapa. What is this place and Why so many of them wants to go there so badly? Let’s consider its location to understand the attractive point of this mountainous town Sapa location Sa Pa is a small town located in Lao Cai Province, in the northwest of Vietnam. […]