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Tet holiday in Northern Vietnam

Tet holiday is the biggest festival of one year with Vietnamese in Northern Vietnam.
It is a welcome new year festival and happens at the same time with Chinese new year, follow lunar calendar (Chinese calendar)
Hence, so many foreigners thought Tet holiday is Chinese new year holiday.

In fact, Tet holiday has originated from Chinese new year since China colonized time, back in thousands years ago. However, after years of localizing, Tet holiday has brung a unique version of new year celebration compared with original version in China

Main activities of Tet holiday in Northern Vietnam are family-oriented activities.

Tet holiday can not completed without family gathering party before new year eve. It called Tat nien party.

The preparation time is always fun and excited with decoration included Tet traditional tree (either peach flowers or apricot flowers). All members in family will have to clean their house to welcome new year. Otherwise, it will bring bad luck to them in the new year.

Pic 1: Apricot flower in Tet holiday (Popular in the south of Vietnam)

Pic 2: Peach flower in Tet holiday (Popular in Northern Vietnam)

Tet holiday in Northern Vietnam usually lasts for 3-5 days and involves gathering activities mostly, from friend meeting, to relatives meeting. Middle aged Vietnamese prefers going to temple to pray for a happy new year, young Vietnamese prefer trekking, picnic, traveling.

During Tet holiday, no shop opens. You will have to store your foods for around 3 days, from new year eve.

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