Ha Giang

Ha Giang – A mysterious mountain land

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Ha Giang is still considered as a new destination with foreign travellers but a famous one among Vietnamese.

Let’s find out whether Ha Giang deserve your 3 days trip to the most mysterious mountain land in Northern Vietnam

Pic 1: morning in no named mountain sides

Ha Giang is  a highly mountainous province located in Northern Vietnam. It shares more than 270 km border with China.

What makes Ha Giang special is in its mountainous topography and what it caused to the area. With least potential of developing agriculture, Ha Giang keeps the pure in spectacular landscape and lifestyle of 22 ethnic minority groups.

The mountain ranges in Ha Giang are close to each other and create magnificent scenery. In valleys between mountains, the terraced fields are scattered, creating a strange harmony between nature and human.

Pic 2: The valley between mountains shapes a stunning landscape 

The road system in Ha Giang is quite out of date and the topography makes its hard for car drivers to watch full scenery. Hence, the most recommended transport in Ha Giang for sightseeing is motorbike.

That was the only reason why this stunning place was placed behind among other attractive destination in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, You can’t find a place with surprised harmony between nature and human such as in Ha Giang. The landscape was kept in its original form with all freshness and purity and the people in Ha Giang are so innocent that you will wish to come back again and again.

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