Hanoi city or Ho Chi Minh city?

Many tourists asked me this question when they had intention to go Vietnam.
Hanoi city and Ho Chi Minh city have its own beauty and attractive points.

1. Hanoi city
Ho Chi Minh might be the economics center, but Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. Literally, Hanoi has politics head offices and a long history of 1000 years
Hence, Hanoi could be a great travel places for food lovers and culture lovers. You can discover the past and the present of Vietnam through architecture in Hanoi (from ancient time, French colonized time til now)

Pic 1: Van mieu quoc tu giam – The first university of Vietnam (ancient architecture in Hanoi)

Pic 2: A French architecture from French colonized time in old street

Food in Hanoi is well known for its freshness, healthiness and the balance in tastes. You can taste the origin Pho, bun cha, and thousand of local foods in Hanoi. You can also find the innovated versions of those foods in Hanoi. What surprise most is about where you can find those good foods: on street, in your hotel, in a fancy restaurant, everywhere. As


2. Ho Chi Minh city


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