Sapa Vietnam – Location and Weather

Almost foreigner came to Vietnam heard about Sapa. What is this place and Why so many of them wants to go there so badly? Let’s consider its location to understand the attractive point of this mountainous town

Sapa location

Sa Pa is a small town located in Lao Cai Province, in the northwest of Vietnam. It is around 380km from Hanoi and close to the border with China. Sapa is based in Hoang Lien Son range of mountains, which includes Vietnam’s highest mountain, Fan Si Pan, at a height of 3143 meter above sea level. The town of Sapa is at an elevation of about 1500 m (4,921 feet) elevation.

The location shaped a unique climate and weather for this foggy land. The climate is moderate and rainy in summer (May-August) while foggy and cold with rarely snowfalls in winter. Compared with other cities in the North of Vietnam, Sapa temperature is usually lower 10°C  (50°F)

Pic 1: Children in Sapa playing under blossom tree in spring weather

Sapa weather

If you want to travel to Sapa, you better know the attractive point of each season so you could find out which is Sapa best season that suit you.

Spring is the most beautiful season in Sapa with so many blossomed flowers (see pic1). Although sometimes it has heavy fog, I’m sure it will turn to a heaven with dreamers.

If you come from winter land and you don’t get used to the hot tropical weather in summer, you should try Sapa to enjoy the comfortable cool weather with romantic terraces under sunshine.

Autumn in Sapa is quite extraordinary. You will experience early winter in the morning and late afternoon while enjoy sunshine at noon. Unfortunately, this season will last a couple of weeks, depends on the year.

Winter is not recommended for tropical tourist, the temperature could range from 0-8 °C  but snowing hardly happens.  So if you are looking for beautiful snowing scene, you should better choose another snowy country. Only lucky people could see snow in Sapa. When I was small, my grandmother told me that if you could see snow in Sapa, your dream will come true. I did not mention about luck or not, just the fact that snow is extremely rare in Sapa, Vietnam.

Obviously, Sapa is one of the best Vietnam destinations so far. Let’s discover more things about Sapa travel in my coming post.


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