Sapa cuisine

Sapa Vietnam – Location and Weather

Cuisine in Sapa will amaze you with its diversity and speciality.
It is obvious that many different races with their unique cultivation shape a stunning taste for its cookery. Compared with general Vietnamese food, Sapa food is much more special with local herbs that you can’t find anywhere
The best dish in the foggy land is hot pot, with many types for you to choose, from salmon hot pot to chicken/beef hot pot. In the cold weather of Sapa, this dish could heat you up. Besides, the soup made from herbs is extremely healthy for you.

Pic 1: Salmon hot pot in Sapa

The taste of Sapa food is pure with fresh mountainous vegetable and local organic animals. There is a really creepy hot pot in Sapa, which is Cố Thắng, a kind of hot pot made from viscera of horses. The maker said that it is really heathy for eaters, but the taste is quite horrible at first time trial

The second famous food in Sapa is grilled meat. The way people marinated meat for grilling is so unique that you can’t find in any other northern areas in Vietnam. They used herbs, mixed with traditional spices

Pic 2: Grill shop with varied ingredients

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