What is Vietnamese Pho?

Pho (or Phở) is one of the most famous dishes in Vietnam, believed to be the soul of Vietnamese cuisine. Ingredients of pho include noodles, broth combined with thinly sliced ​​herbs and meat (beef, chicken, …)

Pho has many different local variations. The main difference comes from the broth or the soup

The soup is made from boiling the pig bones, to create a natural sweetness of meat and bone, combined with natural aromas such as cinnamon, anise, grilled ginger, cardamom, cloves, and seed. Pho noodles are traditionally made from rice flour, coated into thin sheets and cut into fibers. Variations of pho are primarily about changing the type of meat used, in some localities using beef, chicken, shrimp or seafood or replacing pho with bun (also made of rice but different ways of processing )

Pho is considered as a popular food of Vietnam. A bowl of pho is usually not too expensive, from 25k-50k (10 cents-2 $)
Pho has many different variations, among them, Pho Pho, Hanoi Noodle and Pho Saigon are more famous because of its speciality.

1. Pho Hanoi
Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam for more than 1000 years, which forms and develops many famous traditional dishes. Pho Hanoi is considered one of the best pho in Vietnam.
Pho Hanoi is often served with very thin noodles and bone-flavored broth, served with herbs, bean sprouts. Sellers often add MSG to increase the sweetness of the broth. Compared to other versions of pho, Hanoi noodle has a very high level of harmony in tastes. Sweetness and saltiness balance harmoniously each other in Pho
The special thing of Pho Hanoi is in their selling place. We can catch hawkers selling pho all over the city with delicious taste like other big restaurants.
In addition to pho, Hanoi is also famous for bun (another type similar to pho but using rounded noodles).


2. Pho Nam Dinh
Nam Dinh is a northern province of Vietnam. Pho Nam Dinh is famous for making ingredients according to special techniques that make the dish more refined. Pho is usually made thinner, smaller, softer, beef is often smashed, making the beef pieces softer. The broth of Nam Dinh pho is usually quite rich and fragrant. The broth often follows the recipe of the cook, rarely disclosing it to outsiders.


3. Pho Saigon
After years of reunification, traditional pho originating from northern Vietnam began to be introduced into the South. Here, pho has many flavor changes to suit the tastes of the people of South Vietnam. The broth is often cooked with chicken bones, dried squid so sweeter, more greasy, beef has more variety (ripe, re-encrusted) to serve the tastes of the people.

Vietnamese Pho has appeared for over 100 years but still retains its charm because of its simplicity, sophistication and richness

It is must have food when you visit Vietnam. Believe me, It could me your most beautiful memory of this land.


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